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    Ready to start a journey of self love, healing, and nurturing your being?

    All sessions are personalized and held in an intimate one on one environment.




    Intuitive Healer

    Reiki Master Teacher

    200 hr Yoga Teacher

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    I'm Frannie! Founder and Owner of Zen Sister Healing!


    I haven't always worn the titles of Reiki Master, Tantrika, Yoga Teacher, Light Woker, and Mom.


    After a long battle of anxiety, depression, and living an unfulfilled life I began a spirtual journey that that allowed me to take my power back and learn who I truly am and my importance on this Earth.


    I like to think of myself as Kintsugi, the japanese art of filling in broken cracks with gold to make it stronger and more beautiful.


    In my brokenness I found myself in a trend of unfaithful relationships, seeking for love of any kind, fear of well, everything, and using whatever coping mechanisms to take me out of my reality that I could find.


    As I healed and continue to heal I have found that everything we need to feel worthy, thrive, and take power back from our lives is in our own being.


    It is through my brokenness that I have been called to help other broken, soul searching humans. Providing a space where they can explore themselves on every level in a non-judgmental space. A space where they can see how good life can get, just as they are.


    If you have arrived here, you are meant to be here and I am so incredibly honored that I was divinely chosen to be apart of your journey and you apart of mine!

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    July 27th, 2024



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    August 7th, 2024
    10:30 - 11:45 AM
  • Testimonials

    What clients are saying about us...

    Monica C.

    “I have been doing private yoga with Frannie for six months and I can tell you my back has never felt so good.


    I highly recommend her. Sometimes angels come our way in disguise!”

    Brittany D.

    “I received a Reiki Session and you inspired me to just allow and let go and witness the magic. I got the key to a new space today!”

    Lily P.

    “Frannie is simply amazing! I have always struggled with body imaging but Frannie has made me fully aware my body is not only strong but so capable. My mind, body, and soul is so much better since Frannie has welcomed me with open arms into her space”

    Kim G

    “Highly Recommend Frannie at Zen Sister Healing! She does amazing energy work, as well as an amazing yoga instructor. The reiki is amazing! I've taken 2 of her classes (Reiki 2 and Archangelic Light) and plan to take more!"

  • Services

    Are you searching for peace? Looking to feel more whole?We offer a range of modalities to address the parts of life keeping you from experiencing more joy, happiness, and less stress.

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    Reiki is a form of energy healing dating back to the 1860’s. It has been used for centuries to promote healing physically and mentally. “Rei” means universal while “ki” means life energy. Reiki is used to move the energy within one's body. Over time energy gets stagnated in the body from trauma, abuse, and because life is just hard. As the energy sits over time it can create blockages. Reiki helps clear and remove blockages to allow you to heal naturally.


    Reiki can be performed in various ways. You may prefer to have hands-on Reiki which allows the practitioner to put their hands on different areas of the body or you may be more comfortable with hands-off where the practitioner never touches your body. You will receive the benefits of Reiki no matter your preference!

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    Private yoga is 1:1. Each session is private and customized to the student's desires. This allows every client to be met right where they are! Zen Sister specializes in body positive and Vinyasa style Yoga that focuses on honoring the roots of yoga, making it a mind, body, soul practice and far beyond just a "workout". This allows individuals to fall in love with what their body can do, learn ways to manage stress, and impove their overall well being. This requires you to meet yourself in all your imperfections. No body is too big, small, inflexible, old, or young.

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    Energetic Cord Cutting eliminates damaging mindsets, connections, limiting beliefs, and bonds to past traumas. This powerful service is for you if you are looking to maximize your full self by allowing damaged connections to be replaced with love. Removing the weight and burdens of past events, traumas, and experiences is core to feeling more whole. This is a standalone service and is offered in the Reclaim Your Power Package!

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    Each session is customized to the needs of the student using different modalities of energy alignment and advising. Depending on desired outcomes, we may provide take-home materials, exercises and methodologies to assist in maintaining desired outcomes. Our goal is for you to optimize energy alignment and develop a maintenance plan for achieving day-to-day peace.

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    Through meditation you will identify your true emotions and learn to ignore those you have been programmed to respond to by society and upbringing. Meditation is a practice that allows you to acknowledge all that is around you. We encourage students to try a variety of meditations. We provide our students and clients with information and training on different styles and types of meditation.

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    Why Zen Sister Healing?

    At Zen Sister, we use our body, mind, and energy to help promote healing of our physical and mental state. All modalities of holistic healing offered are kind and gentle ways to move energy in the body with the intention of letting you leave feeling more at peace. When the body and mind are able to de-stress it allows for miraculous things to occur.


    Exploring different avenues to healing can feel overwhelming. At Zen Sister we acknowledge that every clients knowledge of energy work is different! Most have no clue why they seek out our services. That's ok! That's why we are here to help you navigate and learn how to live your best life in a kind and fulfilling way!

  • Contact Us

    Don't be afraid to reach out, This is a safe and sacred space. You are welcome just as you are.

    Zen Sister Healing
    202 East Arlington Blvd, STE A, Greenville, NC, 27858
    By Appointment, Class & Workshop Registrations
    8:30a-7:15pm M-Sat
    Weekend Classes as Scheduled
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